Sunday, August 2, 2015

the Darling Derby

 The Darling Derby is exactly like the Pinewood Derby. My car is totally yellow. Completely. Yellow yellow yellow. Thats what it is a yellow car.[ Unless you call a small line of white glitter a different color.] 

Baylie's car is nothing like mine her's is all kinds of colors. Like a flower. My car is just yellow with yellow glitter on the top. Everyone is excited for the Darling Derby to start. This is my first Darling  Derby. I am super excited. 

My dad the biggest help with our cars. He cut them into the shape, and is going to put the wheels on the car. Mom helped us paint the cars. Now the Darling Derby is just three days away! I think everyone else is done or almost done. I just can't wait for the Darling Derby.