Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Daddy/Daughter Dance

I  know that I don't really like dances too much because it sounds way too mushy and romantic for me but this one was good. Since I helped decorate, it sort of didn't surprise me how it had looked in the end. Spoil alert!

So you just walk in and there is a gigantic table of desserts on your right and a small table full of water bottles on your right. A couple of your friends are complementing each other in the corner while their fathers chat. You go over to talk to them and once they notice you, they start yakking about how they can't believe that you are wearing a dress and how they think this party is great. So then after a while, you get bored of them talking so you sneak off to go grab a treat. You only had chicken nuggets for dinner so you were practically starving. 
The dance was still fun. You did the chicken dance and the macarena. these are some of your favorite dance moves. 

When you get home, you realize that that dance WAS SOOOO FUN!

Buh-bye Now!

Friday, January 22, 2016


Hey guys! So hows it going? Is everybody okay? I hope all of you guys said yes because if not, I would find out who you are, drive to your house, and make you all better if I have to. But you won't catch me doing that to everybody that has a boo-boo. Yes I know I can't hear you right now but I will find you, track you down and stalk you until you never even heard of an injury. 

Still, there is NO WAY you would to be able to hide from me even though I am younger than you by a couple of ten years. 

Wether you are in the pool, at the hotel, driving across the United States, or even in the bathroom!

I WILL FIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if I  DIE trying! Well that might not happen because I'll die when i'm 92 or so and I'm not even in my teens yet. Hey! don't you think you'll still have time, cause that ain't happening lady! NO WAY!

 Yes I know what you're thinking, "Theres no way someone so young can track down an adult."But let me tell YOU something, being young just helps me move around without being noticed than an adult with a hurt back or something.[ No offense ]

You know how parents wish they were young again? Well thats what i'm doing right now. Just I'm actually trying to make it last, ya know. Cause most people just zip around fast doing everything first because they want to get it over with. But in my opinion, kids should do things slow rather than their teacher rushing them. The truth is, I think teachers are jealous that they can't do that anymore.[heh heh]

But you can't blame them. Rarely, teachers are just as good as kids. My teacher in fith-grade was super fast. She was seriously way faster than half of the students in my class and can do real push-ups ten times faster than way more than half the students in my class.[Yes even the boys.] :]

Any way DON'T get sick or hurt because I REALLY don't want to travel to you right now.