Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Daddy/Daughter Dance

I  know that I don't really like dances too much because it sounds way too mushy and romantic for me but this one was good. Since I helped decorate, it sort of didn't surprise me how it had looked in the end. Spoil alert!

So you just walk in and there is a gigantic table of desserts on your right and a small table full of water bottles on your right. A couple of your friends are complementing each other in the corner while their fathers chat. You go over to talk to them and once they notice you, they start yakking about how they can't believe that you are wearing a dress and how they think this party is great. So then after a while, you get bored of them talking so you sneak off to go grab a treat. You only had chicken nuggets for dinner so you were practically starving. 
The dance was still fun. You did the chicken dance and the macarena. these are some of your favorite dance moves. 

When you get home, you realize that that dance WAS SOOOO FUN!

Buh-bye Now!