Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girl party

Girl parties are awesome [if you are a girl]. You could do a late over or just do a regular play date or party. I just did a girl party with all of my sisters and my mom, Brooke.

We all slept in my mom's room [ but not Baylie and Paisley ] and I [ Darby ] along with Ivy, slept in Mom's bed with her because it's her bed and she always sleeps in it. We watched ''Princess Bride'' while we ate queen-sized candy bars and got cozy and snuggled with our blankets. ''Princess Bride'' was a little scary at some parts for Paisley and Ivy because Paisley is 5 on September 1 while Ivy is turning 3 on June 14. They had to close their eyes and plug their ears. Paisley and Baylie didn't sleep in Mom's room because they think that it's too hot even though it was perfectly fine.

You know why we did a Girl Party? Do you? Well while the boys [ my dad, Jason, and Luke ] were camping for 11 year-old scouts. It was a Girl Party because there were only girls at home so we hung out. It was kind of fun because we all got together and watched movies, ate candy, and snuggled.

The thing is, have YOU ever done anything like  this? Well if you haven't done this then you should because it is fun and you get to spend more time with your family and friends. If you have, then it is really fun … right?

You should do a Girl Party because it is fun, exciting, and you can spend more time with people. This is why you should do a Girl Party.

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