Wednesday, June 25, 2014

only a couple of sleepy heads

Only a couple of sleepy heads. The sleepy heads are: Baylie  Paisley  Ivy  and almost me. We just went to   JUMP-5150  with our friends.

We were jumping so much that we didn't know that it was time to go home. Once we figured it out we left. But instead of going straight home, we ate at Wendy's for lunch and I had a Bacon Hamburger and a Frosty. Then it was time for our friends to go home. But just then one of my friends said that he forgot his astronaut teddy-bear. So we all had to drive to our house to get his teddy-bear. And that's when almost everyone fell asleep.

We were all tiered from going to JUMP-5150 and from going to Wendy's so we all fell asleep in the car. Yes I did too. But when we got to my house, I woke up and helped look for my friends teddy-bear. We did find it … it was in the backyard.

We had to carry everyone else in because they couldn't walk themselves ….. they were sleeping. Then all my friends left and the day became normal again.

Except that Baylie and Paisley and Ivy were asleep for a long time.


  1. Love your blog Darby! It was great being with you this week and I miss you like crazy! Can't wait to see you again!!

  2. Sounds like a great time Darby! Love your blog. You are a great writer! xo Aunt Lindsey