Friday, August 1, 2014

Nerf and go seek and another Nerf game

                                                                 NERF AND GO SEEK

Nerf and go seek is very fun.
                                                                       Things you need
1. A Nerf gun and1bullet for each player.

2. Extra bullets.
1. No shooting in the face.

2. Don't lie, if they shot you they shot you.

3. Try to not fight over the bullets.

4. You need 3 or more players.
1. Get your Nerf gun[ make sure that the gun has bullets in it]

2. The seeker counts to a number slowly.

3. The others hide until the seeker stops counting and says,'' I don't care if you're ready or not, here I come!''

4. So then the seeker starts seeking after he or she stops counting.

5. If he/she finds someone, they try to shoot each other as fast as they can.

6. the person who is shot first is out.

7. If the seeker is shot first, he/she is out and has to go again.

I hope you like this.


  1. One of my favorite blog posts

  2. I would love to play this with you!

  3. this is darby not my mom. thanks! luke loves this game. maybe you can tell that we made it up. i wanted to play hide and go seek but luke still wanted to play nerf so he said,'' lets play nerf and go seek!'' so yeah we like the game but sometimes we can't really see each other or we point in the wrong direction and it shoots us in the face.