Thursday, August 28, 2014

summer is awesome!!!!

                                                        Why we have to go to school

                                                                It helps kids learn.

                                                         It gives kids a punishment.

        It also gives kids the boredom of their life [ Unless they have a fun non-strict teacher who is nice ]

                                                           It lets kids not have fun.

                                                            you have homework

                                                      3 words… its called SCHOOL

                                            Why kids shouldn't have summer school

                                                                    its school

                                                          it should be summer

                                                        it can be a punishment

                             they don't go together or ''get along '' or aren't for each other

                                             Why kids have to have summer break

                                              Its awesome [ even more for kids ]

                                                 you could do all this cool stuff

                                            it lets kids have the fun they wanted

        it lets families spend more time with each other than trying to figure out 2+2 on your homework

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