Friday, April 10, 2015

Awesome rocks! :) :) :)

       No, I'm serious. They're actually rocks. Real big ones too. Like, bigger than boulders. We climbed them today. You should try to go there sometime.

When we were climbing the rocks, Mom kept on saying that she'll soon have a heart attack if she sees us climbing really high on some rocks. Once I was thinking about tricking her by pretending I fell down some rocks and I scraped myself up super bad. I almost did, but Luke said that I shouldn't so I didn't .( I wasn't going to do it anyway. )

So when we were at the rock place, it was super-duper sunny out. But not too sunny. When we were climbing, Luke was ahead of everybody [most of the time.] . Then I followed him, Baylie followed me, Paisley followed her, Dad and Ivy followed her, then Mom followed them. Lots of following right?

There was this one big rock that was the first one we climbed was the biggest. Well I think. And that's the rock when Mom worried the most.

When we got there, we saw some people at the top of the biggest rock mountain. That was mostly that part that got me excited the most.

You should really go to the rocks sometime, it's fun and good exercise. If I liked it, maybe you would too!